Rome - General Curia


Purchased in the early eighties and set to the novitiate, was built later by the Rector Major, Fr Julio Care as the headquarters of the General Curia. Permanently resides there, the Rector Major, the Secretary General and the Attorney General. The Curia preserves the archives of the Congregation, with special care for the writings of the Venerable Padre Pio Bruno Lanteri Founder.


Viale Trenta Aprile, 17 00153 Rome, Italy - View Map
Phone: (+39) 06 58 39 23 01
Fax: (+39) 06 58 39 23 63
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Web: http://www.oblati.org





Sanctuary of the Sacred Heart

The house adjacent to the Sanctuary, founded in the early twentieth century, saw the return of the Oblates in Pinerolo, after they were evicted from the house of S.  Chiara, the second seat after the foundation of Carignano.  In the Church of the Sacred Heart Sanctuary lie the remains of the founder, the Venerable Padre Pio Bruno Lanteri.  Headquarters of the student until the end of World War II, currently the home preserves and makes available to scholars the great library of the Congregation, with theological texts that date back to 1500.  The house is under the legal responsibility of the Rector Major.


Via Sommeiller, 42 10064 Pinerolo (TO) Italy - View Map
Phone: (+39) 0121-322 055
Library Phone: (+39) 0121-041 952
Fax: (+39) 0121-376 050
Web: http://www.omvbibliotecapinerolo.com





Shrine Rosary

The whole hill of S.  Giorgio, with its small church, was purchased by the Oblates of the Virgin Mary in 1946.  In 1966 there was established the parish dedicated to St.  George.  In October of 2012, after ten years before had been inaugurated the new church, we left the running of the parish.  At the moment the house is under the responsibility of the Rector Major rectory.


Ballista Street, 11 38068 Rovereto (TN), Italy - View Map
Phone: (+39) 0464-081 074
Fax: (+39) 0464-081 074





House Sanctuary of our Lady of Grace Foundation

In 1816, at the Convent of Our Lady of Grace Church in Carignano, the Venerable Padre Pio Bruno Lanteri founded the Congregation of the Oblates of the Virgin Mary. It arose from the union of some priests dedicated to preaching the Spiritual Exercises. We count among the first Oblate fathers Reynaudi, Biancotti, and Golzio Simonino. As a result of anti-religious laws of the Kingdom of Sardinia-Piedmont Oblates were forced to leave the convent, which was then taken, in part, from the beginning of the twentieth century.


Piazza San Giovanni Bosco, Carignano (TO) - Italy - View Map
Phone: (+39) 011-969 7152
Fax: (+39) 011-969 7152





Center for Spirituality Lanterian Villa Cleared

House retreats, training and prayer, with availability for days of recollection and retreats. The house offers a well-stocked library.


Piazza XXIV Maggio
10070 VIU '(TO) - Italy - View Map
Phone: (+39) 0123-696 576
Web: http://www.villaschiari.it





Mary Queen of Peace Parish

On September 8, 1929 the Oblates of the Virgin Mary entered in the parish of Our Lady of Peace. Led by the enterprising will of the first parish priest (who later became superior of the Congregation), Father Dominic Pechenino, the Oblates set about to complete the work undertaken by Archbishop material. Mossotti, but also to organize the forces under the strict guidelines of the Catholic Pope Pius XI. What followed was a whole flurry of life certificate from the increased frequency of the sacraments, by the awards won by the parishioners in diocesan events, religious events from around the neighborhood, especially the thick and devoted participation in the Patronal Feast of Our Lady of Peace.


Via Malone, 19 10,154 TURIN - Italy - View Map
Phone: (+39) 011-248 2816
Fax: (+39) 011-235 8217
Web: http://mariareginadellapace.110mb.com





Sacred Heart Shrine

The Oblates of the Virgin Mary are found in the sanctuary since 1906. The church, originally dedicated to St. Clear, it was then, down the centuries, dedicated to St. Heart. The large house adjacent to the church was built by the Oblates to become the minor seminary of the Congregation in Italy. Currently home to the elderly and sick confreres.


Via Santa Chiara, 1
16043 Chiavari (GE) - Italy - View Map
Phone: (+39) 0185-311 723
Fax: (+39) 0185-308 861 car





Retired University Parish Lanteri SS. Philip and James

The Oblates are present in Pisa since 1912. Was initially entrusted to the care of the Congregation of the Parish of St. Michael, and only the seventies has been established that of SS Philip and James. In 1950 the house was renovated to accommodate the first group of graduate students who had to create the current "Retired Lanteri".


Via San Michele, 15 56124 PISA - Italy - View Map
Phone: (+39) 050-312 81
Fax: (+39) 050-312 8320
Web: http://www.istitutolanteri.it





University Chaplaincy St. Thomas Aquinas Tor Vergata

Operational headquarters of the Italian Province of the Brothers who take care of the youth ministry at the University of Tor Vergata in Rome.


Via Salamanca, Tor Vergata, 00133 Rome - Italy - View Map
Phone: (+39) 06 204 0432
Web: http://www.cappellauniversitaria.uniroma2.it



ROME SAN VITTORINO - Provincial Curia

roma san vittirino

Sanctuary of Our Lady of Fatima

The foundation dates back from the early sixties, with the construction of the workshop, working as a House of Spirituality. The Sanctuary was built in the seventies, a design architect Monard. Dedicated to Our Lady of Fatima, welcomes pilgrims who want to stop for moments of prayer and reconciliation with the Lord. Every first Sunday of the month there is a Marian procession attended by many of the faithful. At the Sanctuary is also the Motherhouse of the Congregation of the Oblates of the Virgin Mary of Fatima, whose roots are inserted directly into the spirituality of the Venerable Father Lanteri.


Land Bridge Street, 8 00132 San Vittorino (RM) - Italy - View Map
Phone: (+39) 06-226 6016
Phone: (+39) 06 224 1638 8
Fax: (+39) 06 226 6144
Web: http://www.casalanteri.it





Parish of Saint Berardo

The Oblates are present in Teramo since the Second World War as founders of colleges. In 1950 he was assigned to them the parish of St. Berardo, currently with 7,000 inhabitants.


Via Tevere, 52 64100 Teramo (TE) - Italy - View Map
Phone: (+39) 0861 211 300
Fax: (+39) 0861 370 374






Kloster der Basilika Unbefleckten Empfängnis Loretto

The small town of Loretto is located 38 km from Vienna, on the border with Hungary. It is linked to the great basilica, dedicated to the Immaculate Conception, which keeps a copy of the statue of Our Lady of Loreto. Just around this statue, brought to Austria by Baron Hans Rudolf von Stotzingen first chapel was built then, given the great devotion, was kept in the large building of 17 century, including the church and convent. Unfortunately, during the great Turkish invasion, the whole complex was looted and destroyed. Found the statue, taken away by the Turks in the 18 th century was begun the reconstruction, which would give rise to the current architecture. Initially entrusted to the diocesan priests and the Servants of Mary, since 1964 the great basilica is under the pastoral responsibility of the Oblates of the Virgin Mary, which also treat the conduct of the parish.


Hauptplatz 22 2443 LORETTO - Austria - View Map
Tel: (+43) (2255) 82-56
Fax: (+43) (2255) 82-5630
Web: http://www.martinus.at/loretto






Œuvres Chapelle et de Sainte Rita

The Church of the Annunciation, commonly known as the chapel of St.  Rita, is set in the oldest part of the city of Nice.  Its origin dates back to the tenth century, when it was built the church of S.  James, later enlarged and dedicated to Our Lady of Carmel.  During the French Revolution was closed and turned into a warehouse of salt.  In 1834, after a fire, was reopened to the veneration of the faithful and dedicated to the Annunciation.  In 1844 the Bishop Galvano's entrusted to the care of the Oblates of the Virgin Mary.  During the years of World War II, developed the devotion to St.  Rita.


1, rue de la Poissonnerie
06359 Nice Cedex 4 - France - View Map
Tel: (+33) 4 93621362
Fax: (+33) 4 93855218
Web: http://sainte-rita.net





Résidence Universitaire Lanteri et Chapelle de Sainte Rita

The house is situated in the town of Fontenay-aux-Roses, a few miles from Paris, easily accessible by subway. The foundation dates from the early sixties, when the house was bought and immediately after the community built the great university hostel. It is capable of accommodating a large number of students, accompanied and guided by the Oblate community. During the summer, this retiree receives from church groups to visit in Paris. In 1992 he built the beautiful chapel of Santa Rita, attended by many faithful, where, in addition to Mass, are proposed paths of personal growth and spiritual guidance or groups. For this purpose, a part of the house is dedicated to the Spiritual Exercises.


7, Rue Gentil-Bernard
92260 Fontenay-aux-Roses - France - View Map
Phone: (+33) 1 4113 3600
Fax: (+33) 1 4350 8845
Web: http://www.residence-universitaire-lanteri.com




SULEJA - Seminary of the Oblates of the Virgin Mary - Lanteri House - Novitiate


The Oblate community in Nigeria was founded in 1998 on the initiative of the Italian Province. It is located in the city of Suleja, north of the country, 100 km from the capital, Abuja. The city, with just over two hundred thousand inhabitants, is very poor, with a significant presence of Muslim and Christian sects endless. The community is involved in the formation of seminarians and in helping the local church through the ministry, theological education and training dedicated to the apostolate of the laity. Is a magazine edited in a training, as an information tool for growth in faith and ecclesial.

In social care to the community through its own drinking water well, ensuring the operation when there is no electricity and taking care of maintenance. In short, with the help of generous contributors, will begin construction of a health clinic. The seminarians studying in the diocesan seminary of Guagualada, trasferendovisi every day with a trip by one hour and a half. Because of this distance, but also to expand the evangelizing action of the community, was planned to build a community center, which would be transferred to the seminarians in training. The maintenance of the works is also possible through the generosity of staff in Nigeria and abroad, through donations or by joining the volunteer project grants for training.


Odo-Ona, Elewe Asipa, Orita Challenge, GPO Box 39712, Ibadan - View Map




ibadan 2

St. Anthony's Catholic Church

The church of St. Anthony is still under construction.  The parishioners are mostly civil servants, workers, men and women in business, and some work in the fields.  The church was entrusted to the Congregation by the bishop in September 2012.  In addition to the church of St. Anthony, our community OMV also works in three other small churches, Santa Monica, San Felice and San Francisco.


Odo-Ona, Elewe Asipa, Orita Challenge, GPO Box 39712, Ibadan - View Map





Lanteri Oblate Seminary

The "Lanteri Oblate Seminary 'and' Training of OMV's house for postulants and clerics in Nigeria.

The seminary community was established September 29, 2012, when it was decided to transfer from the North of the country, to ensure greater security and peace of mind to the young students.  The community OMV is committed to the training of seminarians and helping the local church through the ministry, retreats, spiritual direction given to candidates of diocesan seminary, theological teaching, the education of young people, as well as in the animation and in the formation of the laity.  Students take care of the edition of a magazine for training, the Nigerian Catholic Encounter, NiCE, as an information tool and ecclesial growth in faith.


34 Osuntokun Avenue Bodija Ibadan, Oyo State PO Box 7752 - Secretariat PO IBADAN, Oyo State Nigeria - View Map






St. Clement Eucharistic Shrine of Our Lady of Grace Seminary Head of the Office

The Sanctuary, located at major universities of Boston, was consecrated on 8 December 1935. Initially, until 1944, served as a pastoral support from the neighboring parish of St. Cecilia, keeping the status of university chapel. In 1945, the Cardinal Archbishop of Boston has entrusted to the Franciscan Sisters of Mary because they did a sanctuary promoting perpetual adoration of the Eucharist. So it was until the early seventies, when the sanctuary and the house were placed at the exclusive service of campus ministry. In 1976 the Oblates founded the first community in the United States. The Sanctuary has resumed its functions in order to serve the Catholic community, while the house has functioned as a workshop, with all the stages of formation. Today is also the headquarters of the Oblate Province of the United States. From 15 August 2009, the church has resumed his duties as a Eucharistic Shrine of the Archdiocese of Boston, promoting perpetual adoration through the accession of many lay people.


1105 Boylston St.
Boston, MA 02215-3660 USA - View Map
Tel: (+1) (617) 266 5999
Fax: (+1) (617) 247 7576
Province Tel: : (+1) (617) 536 4141
Web: http://www.omvusa.org/
Web: http://stclementshrine.org/




boston 2

St. Francis Chapel

The chapel of St. Francis is located on the ground floor of the Prudential Center, one of the tallest skyscrapers in Boston, home to large businesses, hotels and conferences. Being the center destination of thousands of daily visitors from all over the world, the chapel is the spiritual service of those who want to stop for a short prayer, to attend the Mass or receive the sacrament of Reconciliation. The community is habitually resident in the house of Milton.


Prudential Building
800 Boylston, # 21
BOSTON, MA 02199 - USA - View Map
Tel: (+1) (617) 437 7117
Fax: (+1) (617) 437 8420
Web: http://www.stfrancischapel.org





St. Joseph's House

Located a few miles from Boston, the house was purchased by the Congregation in the eighties. After a major refurbishment it is now used as the reception of small groups or individuals who wish to be accompanied by offers of spiritual retreat. In recent years it has been built outside a chapel, surrounded by trees in the park.


65 Father Carney Dr.
MILTON, MA 02186 - USA - View Map
Tel: (+1) (617) 698 6785
Fax: (+1) (617) 698 7621 Car
Web: http://www.omvhouse.org





St. Mary's Rectory

Alton is a city in Illinois, located on the banks of the Mississippi, a few miles from St. Louis. The church dates from the last century. The Oblates are the nineties, with a community that takes care of parish life and the school next door.


519 E. 4th St.
Alton, IL 62002 - USA - View Map
Tel: (+1) (618) 465 4284
Fax: (+1) (618) 463 4637
Web: http://www.stmarysalton.com




hawaiian gardens

St. Peter Chanel's Rectory

The city of Hawaiian Gardens is located in California, near Los Angeles. The parish of St. Peter Chanel was entrusted to the Oblates in 1980. Only recently a large new church, capable of accommodating more than 500 faithful, has replaced the original chapel. In addition to the English-speaking community, in addition to the many Filipinos, there is a large Hispanic community, to which the community offers the possibility of the daily celebration of Holy Mass and a thorough catechesis. For several years, also offers day Eucharistic adoration.


12001 E 214 th St.
Tel: Parr. Office: (+1) (562) 924 1857
Fax: (+1) (562) 402 9411
Web: http://www.spcomv.com




denver 2

Holy Ghost Church

Located in the city of Denver, Colorado, the church of the Holy Spirit, now, is nestled at the base of a high glass-fronted skyscraper. It 'was officially inaugurated in 1943, the parish being established already in the last decade 800. The Oblates will lend their spiritual assistance since 2001. Located in downtown Denver, particularly in a crowded shopping area, the frequency of the faithful is continuous. The parish center is distinguished by its constant assistance to the poor and homeless. The community has established his residence in a house a few minutes drive.


1900 California Street
DENVER, CO 80202 - USA - View Map
Tel: (+1) (303) 292 1556
Fax: (+1) (303) 292 5378
Web: http://holyghostchurch.info




denver 3

Lanteri Center for Ignatian Spirituality

Opened in 2004 at the request of the Archdiocese of Denver, offers the possibility of a personal spiritual guidance through the method of the Spiritual Exercises. The Center is animated by a specialized team that is dedicated to the training of spiritual directors, religious and laity


416 22nd Street
DENVER, CO 80205 - USA - View Map
Tel / Fax: (303) 298-1498
Web: http://www.lantericenter.org






Oblates of the Virgin Mary Formation Center

The foundation in the Philippines, and for the history of the congregation has been a real return to Asia after the successful experience in Burma (1839-1891), now Myanmar, dates back to 1977, after an Oblate brother for several years there was went to preach occasionally. The training center, opened in 2000, as well as the training of future Oblate confreres, priests and lay brothers, is also available for the formation of the laity and the proposal of the Spiritual Exercises. The Oblate brothers who live there also are dedicated to preaching in all the islands of the Philippines, also reaching other countries in Asia: South Korea, Japan, Mongolia, India, New Guinea and East Timor.


CEBU CITY 6000 - View Map
Phone / Fax: (+63-32) 346 1629
Web: http://www.omvasia.org





Oblates of the Virgin Mary Novitiate House

Novitiate and house of formation of clerics Oblates.  Near Manila, reached by a 50 minute drive.

The house was opened to diversify training locations in the Philippines and to be able to enjoy the cultural advantages offered by the city of Manila.


Assumption - Antipolo, Sumulong Highway,
Antipolo City, Rizal - View Map
Tel / Fax: (+63-2) 696 7744
Web: http://www.omvasia.org




POINTE-AUX-Trembles - Montreal Office of Delegation


Oblates of the Virgin Mary Novitiate House

The Canadian community, living in the suburbs of Montreal, is the smallest delegation of the Congregation. And 'engaged in the conduct of a pastoral zone, which comprises three parishes, and is also available for other activities in favor of the Catholics of Italian origin and with young people. The brothers live in a house built early last century on the banks of the St. Lawrence River.


11, Boul. Saint-Jean-Baptiste
Pointe-Aux-Trembles, QC HIB 3Z5 Canada - View Map
Tel / Fax: (+1) (514) 303 3603





buenos aires

Sactuary of St. Rita
Provincial Curia

The Sanctuary of Santa Rita was built just after the last war, in a territory which then belonged to the parish of San Roque. It 'always been very popular, especially the faithful who wish to receive the sacrament of Reconciliation. Strongly felt that every month is the feast is celebrated in honor of Santa Rita, for which they are pilgrims from all over the city of Buenos Aires and its surroundings. The parish also takes care of the poor, Caritas centers dedicated to helping and human promotion.


Camarones 3443
C1407FMC BUENOS AIRES - Argentina - View Map
Community Tel: (+54) (11) 3531 7995
el. / School Fax: (+54) (11) 4566 9005 / 4567 6164
Web: http://www.santuariosantarita.org.ar




buenos aires san roque

Parroquia and Instituto San Roque

This is the first foundation of the Oblates of the Virgin Mary in Latin America, dating back to 1920 when the then Archbishop of Buenos Aires we entrusted the pastoral care of the vast territory of Saint Roque. The early fathers, accompanied by a coadjutor brother, is dedicated to evangelization, extending their range in many regions of Argentina through the popular missions. We focus in particular on youth and the poor. In 1946, after a long construction period, the current church was opened, which was later annexed also the largest school complex of the College of San Roque, where hundreds of young people studying. The parish, through the collaboration of a large group of lay people, is very committed to human development, the near and far, and the care of an area of ??Mission of the State of Corrientes.


1160 Plaza
CUJ C1427 BUENOS AIRES - Argentina - View Map
Tel: (+54) (11) 4552 4468 / 4552 1602 / 4552 1626
Fax: (+54) (11) 4553-8900 Car
Web: http://www.sanroquercc.com
Web: http://www.sanroque.edu.ar





Instituto Immaculada

The school was founded in 1957, with the purchase of an old mansion to which it is added then the building which houses the largest educational complex that hosts classes up to second degree of education. The community is engaged in the conduct of the school, with reference to the activities of human and religious formation, and in the coordination of the direction, completely entrusted to a team of lay people. The school chapel is open to the faithful for liturgical celebrations on Sunday.


Pedro Goyena 1990 B1712BQJ Castelo
(Bs. As.) - Argentina - View Map
Communities Tel (+54) (11) 4627 7918
Tel / Fax and School: (+54) (11) 4629 0413
Web: http://www.telar.org/telar/proyectos/tour/2005/inmaculada.htm




villa udaondo

Parroquia and Inst. Our Lady of Lourdes

The parish of Our Lady of Lourdes is located near Buenos Aires, in a region called Villa Udaondo precisely. The village is very poor, mainly inhabited by people who work in Buenos Aires. The parish also has a chapel, Santa Rita, very active and busy. As in all our communities in Argentina, also at Villa Udaondo the school was built, to ensure education for youths up to the last year of secondary school. We also operate the Daughters of St. Joseph of Genoni, founded by Venerable Father Felix Prinetti, Oblate of the Virgin Mary.


Julián Balbín 4574
B1713AJZ UDAONDO VILLA-Ituzaingó (Bs. As.) - View Map
Tel Com / Parish: (+54) (11) 4481 3734
School Tel: (+54) (11) 4621 0922
School Fax: (+54) (11) 4481 1360





Parroquia S. Ignacio de Loyola

The parish of St. Ignatius of Loyola was founded in 1958, when the Oblates were called by the Archbishop of time in Cordoba. It covers a vast territory, divided into various communities and chapels, with hardworking people, but also very poor. The brothers, who are dedicated to the apostolate of the parish, are also involved in the preaching of the exercises and are available for the animation of youth. Also in this parish is the work of the Daughters of St. Joseph Genoni.


Julián Balbín 4574
B1713AJZ UDAONDO VILLA-Ituzaingó (Bs. As.) - View Map
Tel Com / Parish: (+54) (11) 4481 3734
School Tel: (+54) (11) 4621 0922
School Fax: (+54) (11) 4481 1360




rio cuarto

The Institute Lanteriano  La Merced

This is the school built in the sixties, when the Congregation of the Oblates of the Virgin Mary also had the pastoral care of the de la Merced Parish, returned to the Diocese at the beginning of this decade. The school is entirely run by lay people, in the spirit Lanteri, according to the directives of a pastoral and educational OMV Province of Argentina.


Belisario Roldán 275
5800DRE Rio Cuarto - Cordoba - Argentina - View Map
Tel: (+54) (358) 466-1114
Fax: (+54) (358) 466-1110





jundai 2

Seminario Venerable Father Bruno Lanteri

The workshop was built in early 2000 to accommodate the postulants of the Brazilian Delegation. The seminarians are studying at the Pontifical University of Campinas, and have the ability to do pastoral experiences in the Parish of St. John the Baptist, entrusted to the Oblates of the Virgin Mary, a 20-minute drive from the seminary.


Rodovia Geraldo Dias, 8032 Vila Formosa
13214295 Jundiaí (SP) - Brazil - View Map
Tel: (+55) (11) 4581 6441 / 4582 8370
Web: http://www.lanteri.org.br





Paróquia de São João Batista
Head of the Delegation

The parish dates to the early postwar years, when the Oblate Fathers from Argentina started the foundation in Brazil. The current church was built in the early seventies, with the help of local people. The parish is extensive, with three other chapels that can be said as many parishes. The collaboration of the laity is very active in all areas of pastoral care. Much is felt that the celebration is the 27 th of each month to honor Our Lady of Grace, visited by many pilgrims and transmitted by the regional radio. The fathers devote special care to the Sacrament of Reconciliation. For some years there are in the parish as the Sisters Oblates of the Virgin Mary of Fatima, responsible for some areas of catechesis and of human development, particularly in the field of childhood and support to needy families.


CP 2578 (Rua Joaquim Ladeira, São João Bridge 47)
13216030 Jundiaí (SP) - Brazil - View Map
Community Tel: (+55) (11) 4587 0151
Community Fax: (+55) (11) 4526 4639
Tel / Fax Parish: (+55) (11) 4587 9976




sao paulo

Paróquia of Our Lady of Lourdes

The foundation of the parish, once entrusted to the Oblates of the Virgin Mary, dating back to 1957, with the construction of a chapel. In the sixties, on a larger, began the present building, completed towards the end of that decade. Unfortunately, complex events led to abandon the project of construction of the Church itself and one is adapted to the transformation of what was originally to be a theater. The building includes, in addition to the community house, a school complex run entirely by lay personnel. The parish is located in a middle-class, but is also committed to assisting the poor and disadvantaged of Favellas the outskirts of the city, which constantly go there to seek help.


Alameda dos Planalto Paulista Piratinins 679
04065051 SAO PAULO (SP) - Brazil - View Map
Community Tel: (+55) (11) 5583 1612
Parish Tel: (+55) (11) 5583 1571 / 2275 0360
Fax Com / Parr.: (+55) (11) 2276 3986
Web: http://www.nslourdes.org.br





Paróquia de São Paulo Apóstolo

This is the first foundation of the Oblates in Brazil. The parish is situated on the outskirts of the city and includes the chapel of St. Stephen. The Church was built in the late sixties, along with the workshop, the community where he currently resides. Pastoral activity is linked to the parish, but the brothers are also available for preaching elsewhere. The house should be restructured in preparation for a shoot vocations.


R. Major Inácio da Costa, 412
81570150th Curitiba (PR) - Brazil - View Map
Tel / Fax Communities: (+55) (41) 3276 2649
Tel / Fax Parish: (+55) (41) 3276 1043 / 3377 3692





Paróquia de NS dos Remédios

The parish was entrusted to the Oblates of the Virgin Mary in the early nineties. And 'situated in the center of Manaus, the largest port in the commercial area. And 'the Church's oldest city. The community is ready to welcome the faithful and tourists who visit during the day without interruption, but by the same time also the poorest areas of igarapées (internal channels of Manaus), with poor houses built on the edge of the river flood Amazonas.


Caixa Postal 3178 (Leovegildo Rua Coelho, 237)
69001970 Manaus (AM) - Brazil - View Map
Parr Tel. and Com (+55) (92) 3234 9969
Tel / Fax: (+55) (92) 3233 4089



CAREIRO - Castanho


Paróquia de NS de Fátima

The mission of Castanha was opened in 1978. It consists of more than 20 000 inhabitants, divided between the city, the community of Arac and many other chapels located along rivers or around the Transamazon. And 'situated 102 km from the river Amazzonas, on the opposite bank of Manaus. The Church was built in 1982, using local materials. Pastoral care is complemented by other initiatives for social relevance: LanteriAma vocational school, built and subsidized by the Association of Switzerland, for the education and inclusion in the work of young people coming from Amazon, nursery care Children from the first months of life projects for fishermen and Castanha Radio, heard in a radius of over 100 Km


Rua Mamora one hundred and sixth
CAREIRO 69,250,000 (AM) - Brazil - View Map
Parr Com Tel: (+55) (92) 3362 1301
Professor of the School Tel: (+55) (92) 3362 1329
Tel / Fax: (+55) (92) 3362 1182 Radio
Web: http://www.amazoniahumana.com